Here are Drew, Jordie and Brad explaining parts of our Series and Parallel circuits lab. Brilliant job guys.

Here is the picture of Jacob presenting Krista with a framed copy of her Captain Pickles and the Beat Down logo. Well done Krista. Thanks for the great job.
Krista and Jacob

Here is a close up of Krista's fine work. It is proudly displayed in each of her morning classes.

Today we were feeding worms! yay! We make worm feeding fun! <(^_^)>

OK I have another contest to throw out there. I can't figure out how to compress video to get it to upload to Youtube. For example, in first period on Friday some of the guys taped their triple beam lab in high resolution and so the file was too big to upload on Youtube even though it was only 3 mins long. I think you can do something with it on Movie Maker but I can't figure out how. If you can figure it out let me know on Monday.

A new contest will be coming out this week. It will involve using Movie Maker so check out the program if you can. OK Here is the contest I was talking about earlier. I am looking for a new introduction to use for all of our science labs videos to be embedded into. I want a 20 second introduction that includes the words Rosso Science. This should be done using Movie Maker and Zamzar Video Conversion. If you feel really enthusiastic you can also add a conclusion or a credits piece at the end.

Hey check out the discussion link right above ^. We have a comment from a prinicpal from Churchchrist, New Zealand. He wants us to hook up with his classroom using Skype so we can talk to them during class. I don't know much about Skype so feel free to do some research so we can get hooked up when I get back on Thursday.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Share your baby picturesFriday, October 5 was Pink Day at Peacock. The Captain Pickles Family had excellent participation.

Today we got our new webcam working. Drew tested it out as he was in fancy dress and was obviously ready for the occasion!

The winner of the Metric Conversion Contest was Jelani with: Kolton Hides Dead Bears Down in Canadian Mountains. Nice work Jelani. Some of you had creative answers but as Jelani pointed out you didn't put them on the Home Page like the instructions said.

Two things to figure out.
1. How do you put a Youtube video on the pages. Let me know. I can't remember from last year. (Check out Ryan and Drew on the blog)I want to put some more videos up of our labs.
2. We are going to be learning how to use the Triple Beam Balance over the next few days. Try out this site.

We are going to start a discussion page. Prize to the person who creates a page titled Discussion Page and links it to the navigation on the left hand side of the blog. On this site we will debate issues that come up in science class......for example.....we will be talking about the decline in the shark population and the effects this has on the environment as a whole. Again if someone gets this whole discussion started on the page I will be more than happy to hand out bonus marks. This will take the place of the old fashion get up in front of class and state your point of view.
I would sure like to see some work on your own pages. guide for your first exam. Examples of silly experiments that show us what a control and an independent variable are. Or come up with your own ideas. Maybe you'd like to start a science trivia site of your own. THINK BIG

OK I guess Regan wins the prize. Great job. Only 2 hours after I posted the contest the job is already done. Remember it doesn't need to stop here. Be the first to get the discussion up and running. Here's your chance to share your opinions with the world.

NEW CONTEST September 24
Today in period one we started the Metric System. I gave you an acronym from the olden days to help you remember the steps to the Metric Conversion Table: King Harold Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk. The K for kilo, H for Hecto, D for Deka, B for Base Unit, D for Deci, C for Centi and M for Milli. Your mission is to come up with a new sentence to help your team mates remember the steps. Apparently mine was not cool enough! Post it here when you come up with one. Remember this is not a first come first win contest. The best will be rewarded. I will be using this for the next 20 years so make it a good one.

Krusty Henry Drowns By Dunking Cheesy Sauce was submitted by Lucas......however, Sauce doesn't work as it needs to be something that starts with M for milli. contest still open.

For the metric system steps i have came up with; King Hank Died By Drinking Cheesy Milk By Sierra
For the mitric system steps I have come up with: Krab Harry Decorated By Destroying Cats mouths By Justice

Kip Hip Destroyed Biased Desperate Crazy Monks! By Eric

I dont Know were to post this thing so im posting it here.. Kolton Hides Dead Bears Down in Canadian Mountains.
by: jelani!!!!!

for the metric system i came up with : Krusty Hates Delivering Beans in Canada's Moose-jaw by kolton!!!!!!

King-kong Helps Dinos Because Dinos are Crazy Mammals .. By Megan