Jane goodall!
Jane goodall!

Dame Jane Goodall was born on April 3rd , 1934 in London England. They moved to France, but when Hitler came to Europe her family moved to Barnemouth in England. Where they moved in with Jane's grandma. That is where Jane lived the rest of her childhood and when she was a teenager.

Jane Goodall traveled Africa and she worked with the wildlife. She went to Secretarial school then she got a job, with a documentry company in England. When jane was 23 years old she went on a trip to Kenya, and when she was there she heard about this guy named Dr. Louis Leaky, a renowed paleontologist and anthropologist. She made an appointment to meet him and then she answered alot of his questions he asked her about the wildelife in Africa. Then Dr. Leaky hired her as his assistant and they traveled with Dr. Leakys wife too. They traveled to Olduvai George on a fossil-hunting expedition.

A quote by Jane Goodall: "I always remember the first time I held in my hand the bone of a creature that had walked the earth millions of years before. I had dug it up myself. A feeling of awe crept over me. I thought, 'Once this creature stood here. It was alive, had flesh and hair. It had its own smell. It could feel hunger and thirst and pain. It could enjoy the morning sun.' "

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By: Allison Hall