Hey ya'll! Science is over. NO!!!! I cant believe time passes to fast. It feels like yesterday i just started science which i used to hate. But I liked it this year for some reason.. Mrs. Rosso make science fun thats why it passed so fast. Im going to miss all the science labs and fun classroom discussions. Weel have fun.. Peace nice talking to u Amanda.


Adopt an Element
My Project

I believe i can fly.
I believe i can touch the sky.
I think about it every day and night.
Just spread my wings and fly away.
I believe I can fly.

A World Water Looming Supply Crisis Looms

I. List three factors that are causing the water shortage?
Three factors of water shortage are effects of climate, Pollution, and increasing human demand.

2. How much of the worlds total water supply is usable fresh water?
Only 2.5 of the whole worlds water is useable fresh water.

3. What happened to the words popullation and water use in the 20th century?
The popullation grow to six billion and the water resoures grew six-fold in the 20th century.

4.How dose the climate affect water supply.
Climate affects the water supply a ton because the climate is the weather patterns that can cause droughts and floods.

5.Predict the future
I predict if we dont slow down on using water and growing we will use all the water and living will get to hard to live and we will die off.