November 28th buoyancy assignment.
Assignment #1:Print off a copy of the topic 3 assignment below and complete using your textbook.

Assignment #2 Buoancy

November 7th

Part One
Today we will continue to work on Balancing Equations. The first site I would like you to try is a refresher on how to balance equations
Then try another site

Part Two
This is your next project. Print it off and get started.

October 18:
1. I would like you to spend 10 minutes looking at 2 of your classmates' Famous Scientist Wanted assignment and make any spelling or grammatical changes.
2. Print off the Chemistry Scavenger Hunt and complete.

3. Work on your Adopt-An-Element assignment.

4. If time play around with Movie Maker and the science contest.

Today we are going to be starting the Periodic Table. Below is a link that we will take a look at as well as the assignment we will be working on.
We will read over the following two links and watch the short videos. The third link is your assignment with the marking rubric attached. It will be due on Friday.

The Famous Scientist Wanted Poster is due on Thursday, October 11. The assignment link is above. If you are posting your assignment to the wiki please be sure to save every time you make changes.

Reminder that the Looming Water Crisis Assignment was to be posted on your pages on Tuesday. Most of you have that done but there are still a few missing. I have attached the reading and the questions below. Check your page to see if you are done. If not GET ON IT.

1. What three main factors are causing a water shortage ?
2. How much of the world's total water supply is usable fresh water
3. What happened to world population and water use in the 20th century?
4. How does climate change affect water supply?
5. Summarize what might happen to world population and water supply in the next 50 years.