Chemistry Scavenger Hunt Name
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Go to the “Matter” area to find the answers to these questions.
1. Matter is anything occupying
space and having mass; it is the
material of the
2. There are three main phases of matter: gases, liquids, and solids. There is also
a fourth phase,
plasma, but it exists at very high temperatures.
Science Is Fun 2
Go to the “ChemTime Clock” area to find the answers to these questions.

1. All materials, whether solid, liquid or gas, are made of atoms. Atoms are
the smallest
bits of mater . Scientists have found over 100 different kinds of atoms. The many
different materials we encounter are made from
combinations of these atoms. A material in
which all atoms are the same kind is called an
element. Therefore, there are over 100 different
elements. Each element has been assigned a number, called its
atomic number.
2. Search for information about each element on the Chem Time Clock. Use the chemical
symbol to identify each element.

T. Trimpe 2001 -
Lightest atom-
Lightest metal-lithium
Found in borax-boron
Atomic number of 7-nitrogen
Major component of air-nitrogen
Used in making toothpaste-fluorine
An element in table salt-sodium
Atomic number of 12-magnesium
Used in “mag” wheels-magnesium
Atomic number of 9-fluorine
Used in laundry detergents-boron
First discovered in the sun-helium
Beryl, emeralds, and aquamarine-beryllium
Atomic number of 11-sodium
Diamond and graphite-carbon
2nd most abundant element on Earth-???
Atomic number of 3-lithium
Glows red-orange with electricity-neon
Name from Greek word for sun-helium
Most common atom in universe-Hydrogen