Final Words..

I had lots of fun in Science this year, alot more fun than other years at least. I'm going to miss you Mrs. Rosso, good luck with your new baby!


\1. Why will you sink in a bathtub when a heavy freighter will float?
A heavy freighter will float in a buthtub but we will not because we are very dense compared to the ship.

2. When will an object sink?
An object sinks when the density of it is greater than the density of the water around it.

3. When will an object float?
An object will float when the density of it is less than the density of the water around it.

4. Who came up with the theory of why objects are able to float?
Archimedes came up with the theory of why objects are able to float.

5. Explain what Archimedes discovered in his bathtub.
He discovered that the amount of water he displaced was related to how much space he took up and how much he weighed.

6. What was Archimedes explanation for why boats float?
“An object immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces.”

7. What is another name for buoyant force?
Another name for bouyant force is

8. When will a 1000 ton boat begin to float?
A 1000 ton boat with begin to float when it displaces 1000 tons of water.

9. When will a 250 pound man begin to float?
A 250 pound man will begin to float when it displaces 250 pounds of water.

10. Will a 50 ton boat that has displaced 45 tons of water float or sink?

11. Will a 100 ton boat that has displaced 125 tons of water float or sink?


Full Name: Sally K. Ride.
Born on May 26, 1951 in Los Angeles, California
In 1968, she graduated from Westlake High School, Los Angeles, California. She received a Bachelor of Science, in Physics, and a Bachelor of arts, in English from Stanford University in 1973.

In January, 1978, Sally Ride was chosen as an astronaut candidate by NASA. Just over a year later, In August 1979, she completed a one year training and evaluation period, which made her eligible for an assignment as a mission specialist on future space shuttle flight crews. Sally performed as an on-orbit capsule communicator on the STS-2 and STS-3 missions.
On June 18, 1983, she was accompanied by Captain Robert L. Crippen, Captain Frederick H. Hauck, the commander and pilot, as well as two fellow mission specialists, on STS-7. She was later chosen to perform the first formation of the flying of the orbiter with a free-flying satellite. Sally Ride was part of the largest crew to fly to date. As of July 2006, she has received a number of honors and awards.

Interesting Fact: In 2001, she pursued her life dream, to teach young girls and women to work as hard as they can to get what they want, and someday they might be as accomplished as her.

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