"I Am Not a Nugget," has been getting people all over the country excited! Just check out our video above if you don't believe me! Bands and concertgoers couldn't wait to sign our petition at Warped Tour, at the Rise Against/Silverstein tour, at Sounds of the Underground, and everywhere else we managed to get to this summer.
With this campaign, all we're asking is that the government include chickens in the Humane Slaughter Act. This isn't rocket science—we're just asking that chickens be given the same protection that cows, pigs, and other animals receive so that the worst abuses of chickens, including having their throats slit while they're conscious and able to feel pain, will be ended. Now, is that really so much to ask?
Join members of Boys Like Girls, Chiodos, Silverstein, Rise Against, Mustard Plug, Scenes From a Movie, Bandcamp, The Dollyrots, and Maylen as well as our good friend Dave Melillo—along with many, many others—by adding your name to the list of people who care about these intelligent animals. Did you know that chickens are as smart as cats and dogs, that they're capable of recognizing one another by their facial expressions, and that they form their own unique way of communicating? Chickens slaughtered for food desperately need our help, so take the first step in helping them by signing the petition below.
If you need a bit more inspiration, well then you're in bloody luck! Watch the little video we put together starring some of our favorites, and yours, like Andy from Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship's Gabe, Dan from Madina Lake, Zach from All Time Low, and many others who are declaring that they are indeed NOT nuggets! Then sign the petition, because damn it, you're not a nugget either!

Hello Losers......Joking,lol. Waaazzzz aappppp!!! ^^^^<<>>This Is one of my favorite Peta2 I am Not a Nugget Videos!!! Please Watch!! :P

Here's one of my absolute fovorite songs!! ^ ^ ^^^^^

Jane Goodall
Jane Dame Goodall

She was born on April 3 , 1934.

She has worked in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania for 45 years and she was born in London, England and

she moved to Bournemouth, England and grew up there.

Jane Goodall is famous for being a Primatologist.

She is also famous for being a Scientist.

Jane's famous for being an author.

She is also a Vegetarian.

She is famous for being a Humanitarian.

Jane Goodall 's also a Ethologist.

"It's very hard to look back with hindsight and say oh well I would have done it differently. If I had gone to Gombe and had access to information about the effect of feeding bananas on wild chimpanzees I wouldn’t have done it". (J. Goodall)

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Goodall
http://www.bookrags.com/Jane_Goodall http://www.myhero.com/myhero/hero.asp?hero=j_goodall

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World Water Supply Crisis
1) List 3 factors that are causing the water shortage.
-Climate Change
-Increase in water usage
2) How much of the worlds total water supply is fresh water?
3) What happend to the world population and water use in the 20th century?
It grew six fold in time