A water crisis is apon us! Climate change, pollution, and the incresing human demand is lowering the amount of fresh water on Earth. Only 0.1% of water is fresh water- available for human consumption. The rest of the water is either salt water or locked up in ice caps in Antartica or Greenland or somewhere similar.
Did you know that the human population has tripled (went up to 6 BILLION people) in the 20th century? This means that the need of water has incresed six-fold in that time. More than one in every six people don't have access to clean water and 20% of the worlds population in thirty countries are facing water shortages.
Not only population affects the water. Climate change does, too. Though global warming might not reduce the amount of water, it can affect the weather change. It's suppose to shift the weather patterns dramatically and cause floods, droughts, etc. Important river systems will dry out when the glaciers melt. More than one out of six people lack access to safe drinking water. By the year 2025 they state that two third of the world popuplation will be without safe drinking water.
I do believe that the future of Earth will drastically change in the future because of mankind. Pretty much everything will die out when fresh water dissapears.

FACT: If the human species dies out, Earth will FLURISH.
FACT: If insects die out, Earth will be DOOMED.