This is the introduction of our classroom pets....Red Wiggler Worms.

external image thumb.aspx?img=%2Fimages%2Fred%5Fwiggler%2Ejpg&w=250&h=300external image worms.jpgRed wigg

ler worms eat left over kitchen waste! leaving rich castings behind.
(Castings; poop)

external image red-wiggler-worm.jpgYouve Got Worms

Hey!!! This is Eama and Jordie feeding the worms. Thanks to Amanda for video taping the action.

Hey this is Shai typing this i have a fact about the worms:
Did you know that worms aren't either female or male? They are actully unisex which means they are both male and female.
you know you are jelous of our classes worms.