1. A frieghtliner will float because the air inside of the ship is less dense than the water.
2. An object will float when its density is less than what it is floating in.
3. An object will sink when its density is more than what it is floating in.
4. Archimedes discovered the law of density while in his bathtub
5. Archimedes discovered that how much dencity an object has will take up that amount of space in his bathtub.
6. Aboat that weighs, for example, 1,000 tons will sink until it displaces 1,000 tons of water. At that point, the upthrust from the water will equal the downward pressure of the ship. If it has been designed correctly, that will happen before the vessel is completely submerged.
7. Another word for buoyant force is upthrust.
8. A 1000 ton boat will float when it takes up 1000 tons of water.
9. A 250pound man will float when he takes up 250pounds of water.
10. The 50 on boat will sink because it is more dence than the water.
11. The 100 ton boat will float because it is less dense than the water.